Selecting A Good Topic For A Research Paper About Water Pollution

Water pollution is one of the most talked about event nowadays, especially when water bodies everywhere are getting polluted for a varied of reasons. If you are a student of environmental studies or science or pursuing research in environment-related topics like sustainable development, then you must have come across the theme of water pollution as a part of your syllabus. Now, if you chose a topic, or, if your mentor tells you to pursue information on water pollution, which is a very dynamic issue, you have to be meticulous in framing your research design in this area.

You should be aware that selecting a paper in this area is easier said than done. It must be directed and narrow to arouse interest in your invigilator, yet must be wide enough so that you can elicit more and more information about your subject.

How to select a research topic on water pollution?

  • Look for ideas. To frame an idea on water pollution, the first and foremost thing you need to do is analyze your entire syllabus. If you don’t have a good grip on the subject matter you learned in the class, it will be tough for you to frame an idea on the same.

  • Start with the scientific properties of water, uses of water and with the types of eco-systems related with water to emphasize how water is an essential part of our life.

  • Then define what the sources of water pollution are. Make a separate category on localized source of production industrial or business wastes, agricultural sources or energy-production wastes and global sources like forestry, mining, and unprecedented urbanization or atmospheric deposition. Focus on how each of these factors is responsible for water pollution.

  • Assess the dimensions of the risks- what are the impact of water pollution on the health of the human and the flora and fauna.

  • How to minimize the risk by adopting various strategies like waste management, waste water treatment, agricultural management practices, wildlife management, wetland management, etc.

  • Make a special section on how government, local bodies, and ordinary people can take part in preventing water pollution.

  • Conclude the entire write up in one or two paragraphs as a part of your conclusions.

These are the steps to framing a paper on water pollution. Do thorough background study by considering books, journals and surfing for updated information on the search engine. Consult with your mentor on what are the requirements on your part that he/she wants. Visit online forums for expert viewpoints. If your pocket permits, you can always hire a professional freelancer who will do the required research on your area of interest. Contact MyHomeworkDone if you need more information.

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