Ultimate Manual on How to Cite a Research Paper in Requested Format

Each time you conduct research to write a paper, it’s important for all sources to be documented. Citations will offer the authority and credibility since it shows proof of your research. The references also assist the reader in knowing how you came to a conclusion. The author also gets to avoid plagiarism by citing sources since they will credit the person who offered that information. This post, presented by MyPaperDone, will show you how to cite inside a research paper.

  • Knowing when to cite a source
    It’s always advisable to include a citation when you can. In case you aren’t sure if you should cite a source or not, just cite it. You have to cite and reference whenever you:
    • Quote a source directly
    • Paraphrase or summarize the ideas, opinions or concepts of another writer
    • Find facts, data or information used in the paper
    • Use visuals, images, charts, and graphs
  • When you don’t need to cite a source
    There is no reason to cite a source when you use common knowledge. In case you are not sure if the information you want to use is original or not, it’s better to site the source.
  • Types of sources
    • Primary – Primary sources are usually digitized or in the original form, or reproduced or reprinted in some form. These are the firsthand accounts of a period in history or original documents.
    • Secondary – These are sources written about the primary sources. They comprise of comments, discussions, and interpretations regarding the original piece of work.
    • Peer Reviewed – Often published as posts in a professional or medical publication, like a journal, these sources undergo certain critics done by top scholars in a certain field. The articles provide authoritative and high-quality data scholarly disciplines can offer.
  • How to Cite
    When it comes to in-text citation, the simplest method to use is giving the author’s last name as well as the publication year. Note that what you cite depends on the kind or writing styles you use for the paper.

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