Picking Funny Research Paper Ideas For Topics: 11 Great Suggestions

If you are sick of traditional research paper topics on all the beaten issues of today, consider choosing a funny idea to explore in your thesis. You will definitely stand out from the crowd, and an extraordinary and enjoyable topic will easily keep your reader’s attention until the very end. You will take pleasure in writing your paper too. Undoubtedly, you will only benefit if you pick a sarcastic, ironic, bizarre, or simply funny topic to research. Here is a list of ideas to boost your inspiration:

  1. Can dogs tell Beethoven from Mozart?
  2. In your research paper, explore the possibility of dogs being educated in music. If they really distinguish music by different composers, is it a coincidence or an easily explained phenomenon?

  3. The history of April Fools’ Day.
  4. This topic is connected with funny things by implication. What were the first jokes, and how did they transform into the modern tricks?

  5. What is your cat really thinking?
  6. Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Raise this issue in your research paper and look for the information on the topic.

  7. Pop music: is it the choice of the people with low IQ?
  8. Look for the research materials on music preferences by different groups of people. Compare statistical data.

  9. Women secrets versus men secrets.
  10. Conduct research on what information is usually kept secret by women and men. What would happen if all the secrets were let out?

  11. When is it too much makeup? Look for men’s opinions on the matter.
  12. What if a cartoon hero/fictional character/movie actor became a president?
  13. Reflect on the possible outcomes of such a situation.

  14. Why do cats knead and purr? Explore animals’ reflexive behaviors. Do people have such unconscious habits?
  15. Weird toys from the past. Why were some strange toys popular among children in the past? Did you have a favorite funny toy nobody knows about?
  16. Being married to a robot: science fiction or a common practice of the future?
  17. In the future, some women will be ready to create families with robots. Do you agree with such an idea? Share your view on the issue.

  18. In search of the features of really funny comedies. Conduct research on what things make people laugh when watching comedy films. Interview different people, share your opinions, and organize all the gathered information in a well-written academic paper.

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