Picking Up Powerful Research Paper Topics about Law

The legal system in the United States and other parts of the world share a lot of the basic principles. Most of the difference occurs, interestingly enough, in the kinds of punishments for specific crimes (some violent and some non-violent). We’ve used this idea as a starting point and have researched and developed the following 15 research paper articles in the field of law:

Law Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Does evidence that suggests that being a victim of school bullying may lead to mental tendencies that encourage violent crime in adults?
  2. Why do crimes in the United States sometimes have such a wide variety of recommended sentences and punishments for those found guilty?
  3. How has the legal system addressed current issues regarding crimes committed against wildlife and affecting natural environmental areas?
  4. Are privacy laws up-to-date with the current needs of society? Cybercrimes are on the rise but many people aren’t afforded protections for certain acts not considered against privacy?
  5. In recent decades, there has been a rise in a branch of law that many feel will impact the future of feminism and discrimination legal rights. What will be the effects?

Law Research Paper Topics for Graduate Students

  1. Statistics that are reported are believed to be grossly incorrect in painting a picture for the occurrences of domestic violence in the home. How does this affect punishments?
  2. Does the United States have the right persecute people who commit acts of sex in other countries despite there being laws against them in this country?
  3. Should people who commit crimes in other countries be subjugated to local penalties or should they be protected by the U.S. legal system without exception?
  4. Should people that evade paying taxes face a flat penalty or pay a percentage of the amount in question? How would a single system affect different wealth classes?
  5. How has the history of field criminology changed particularly in the way experts collect information to be used as indisputable evidence in legal cases?

Trending Research Paper Topics for Law Students

  1. How are acts of terrorism handled in different parts of the world? How is this different from the way terrorist crimes are treated in the U.S.?
  2. In what ways have private data and internet data security laws changed because of the way technology has become so prevalent in people’s lives?
  3. What are the legal consequences that social movements regarding the discrimination and treatment of women? How much are they considering sexual harassment acts?
  4. Is the process of selecting members to a jury a fair and impartial system that protects the rights of the accuser and the accused?
  5. How is mental illness treated and considered in legal cases around the world? Is the U.S. progressive when considering mental illnesses in the defense?

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