Definition and Guidelines on Research Paper Parts

What are the major sections of a Research Paper? How do they come together?

A research paper has several parts such as the title page, abstract, introduction, body, methodology and conclusion. However, depending on the paper type and level, some of the research paper parts may be optional. When writing a research paper, all necessary information must present in it. The parts of the research paper should have a logical arrangement so that there is a connection between them. A specified format is advisable, and it should be well structured.

General Guidelines to Writing a Research Paper

The general guidelines to write a research paper are inexhaustible. Here are just a few of them.

  • When given a topic, be sure you know the difficulties you will encounter before you forge ahead to write the research paper.
  • Clearly state the objective and significance of the topic before you embark on the project.
  • Focus on the research topic.
  • Every main point should have its own paragraph except in the abstract.
  • Main points should appear in a logical order. i.e. there must be a connection between the points.
  • Do not address the reader directly. Also, do not use casual words when writing a research paper.
  • All facts should be in present tense.
  • All sources such as journals, existing literature, articles etc. should be well cited in your research paper.

Research Paper Title Page

It would be best if you put into consideration the research style your instructor wants you to use. In MLA format, the title page is not necessary unless your instructor otherwise states it. While in APA format, your title page will be the first page, and it will include your topic, your school, your name and student registration number, your instructor's name and submission date. All these will be centered and given double line spacing.

Research Paper Abstract

It is a quick overview of the entire paper. It contains the objective, synopsis and goal of a research paper. It should consist of 100 – 500 words.

Research Paper Introduction

When writing the introduction, there should be a thesis statement that will serve as the basis of the research paper. Also, in this part, the researcher gives a brief and captivating explanation of his or her objective by listing the main points

Methodology and Framework Chapter

This chapter is included in significant research papers to explain explicitly the methods used in getting the final results of the research paper. The chapter also deals with the description of the research subject, the study methods and tools and the analysis methods and tools.

Body Chapters

This is the major part of the research that gives a detailed explanation of the main points of the research topic. In this chapter, all main points are explained in separate paragraphs using relevant existing articles and literature.

Research Paper Conclusion

This is the part where the research paper is briefly summarized, and the thesis statement resurfaces as the research paper wraps up.

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